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Will You Please Shut Up!!

posted 30 Jan 2012, 05:19 by
In the 21st century, silence is a very hard thing to come by. In-fact I would say that it is something of a rarity. As a society we are surrounded by noise, both audial and mental. We have torrents of information being thrown at us: advertisements, posters, magazines, offers in shops, music, the yells of the market stall owners, the constant rumble of engines. These are so common place that we have become used to it and when we're faced with the possibility of total silence for any significant period of time we can actually become somewhat disturbed.
I genuinely dreaded the 40 minute bus ride from Tibshelf to Chesterfield last week when I realised I had left my headphones at The Gates. I would have no music, nothing to soak in, no reason to stare blankly out of the window and not think about anything. As I climbed on the bus I wondered what I would do, it all seemed too difficult to cope with and then I remembered about the quiet places and how Jesus used to just disappear for a while, go up to the mountains without his generic MP3 player and be still. 
We can indeed meet God in the loud places, in the gig venues, in and amongst the screams and yells of children and teenagers but often the most profound and moving experiences of God are in the still times. Those moments when you hit a patch where you just want to sit with a quiet piece of ambient music on (or, dare I say it, even in silence!) and open your mind to seek the Divine nature. 

Perhaps we spend too much time looking for God that we don't find Him..........

Just breathe, rest and seek....... He's there.

Caulophyllum - Space Ambience (Vacation)