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The journey

posted 3 Nov 2011, 01:55 by Unknown user
As I looked out of my kitchen window this morning at the M1 motorway, with all its traffic bustling and thousands of occupants of thousands of vehicles, it occurred to me that more people pass this spot in a day than I could probably imagine in one place, so I looked it up. The Daily Mail quoted a figure of 140,000 cars alone each day using the 193 miles of M1 motorway in their recent birthday celebration article so I think I could comfortably use the term “A Lot” to cover the numbers of people involved in my visual musings. Daily Mail article

Lack of funds and painful shoulders forbid me taking to the road today to join in this moving tapestry, but it’s easy for me to imagine being out there and feel the challenging side gusts, bursts of low sunlight and the stinging, almost freezing air hitting my open face as I negotiate bends, crests, dips and assorted other road users. There is nothing that describes leisure to me quite like an impromptu ride to no given place and for no other reason than I felt some life and fancied being part of it for an hour or two. My sadness at not going out was balanced by the thoughts of how many people passing my window didn’t want to be there and certainly weren’t enjoying the view.

As these thoughts were going through my mind, I started thinking of the variety of stories covering every conceivable human emotion and experience passing right by my house and I couldn’t even begin to imagine what it would be like to know them all, much less care for the needs of each and every person.

As a Christian, it is important for me to remember that the same Jesus who journeyed around the fertile crescent in a famous 3 year period, healing, teaching and generally getting up the noses of the Establishment is still around, as He said He would be. He made the journey to His Father to prepare a place for His followers and promises to return, to collect those who revere Him for what He is, the Son of God (John 14:1-5).

Jesus explained to his disciples that he was going away and that they would have troubles and hardships, the same as other people but that they would have inner peace as they travelled along their life’s journeys (John 14:27).

This same Jesus reaches out to weary travellers when He invites them to lay down their burdens and accept the rest that He offers (Matthew 11:28). This is a rest from the troubling hardships, from the deadlines, things that seem impossible to shake off, things that weigh us down and spoil our journey.

We’re all on a journey, we’re all another day further along our story than we were yesterday and it’s this journey that parts us from the animals and not one of us needs to feel alone.
God bless, ride safe.