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Looking for an ethical investment opportunity?

posted 6 Feb 2012, 03:17 by Mark Broomhead
As part of our work with the community we are looking to set up a supportive housing initiative. Initially we would like two houses one for "boys" and one for "Girls". Often we meet people who are struggling with addictions and difficult life situations where a fresh start means more than a listening ear.
We propose a five year agreement with investors where we would take properties in need of modernisation and as part of the community life of residents and the order we would renovate and improve the property over the loan period returning to the investor a property of increased value. of course there is no guarantee which way the property market will go but Chesterfield is still a "cheap" place to buy but with multimillion pound developments planned, ( see here and here)
it is a place on the up and we think would represent a good investment. So if you have a few quid that you don't know what to do with, or maybe are going into christian ministry where a house is provided and you wish to stay in the housing market without the hastle - then this may be for you - get in touch.