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BBC Article debate

posted 25 Feb 2013, 07:17 by Mark Broomhead
Dear all. We Have noticed that the recent article by the BBC ( has raised some negative attention. We hope that this website and other articles can reassure you that the OBS was set up and continues to be here to make people feel comfortable to worship God.
During the journalists visit he discovered that we were a family church with an outward looking focus and not primarily focussed on heavy metal(even though a number of us are quite fond of it). Unfortunately this did not fit in with his article so he took a quote form me when I talked about the decor. One of my initial fears when setting up the OBS would that it would be full of people who drift from church to church looking for the next christian fashion/fad. The decor was deliberately provocative and many people from a church background have not found it their cup of tea  - but all of it points towards Jesus! and people who would not find a conventional church comfortable have found it welcoming. 
I actually thought it was quite a long service, but I do not know his point of reference - Orthodox maybe? I apologise that I had a part to play in the confusion, doing interviews is harder than you expect, on this one  ( ) I said that we are virtually all in our twenties which is not the case. Bad me naughty me!
All in all - thanks to Sam Judah for the media attention, shame it was unbalanced and overall incorrect. I'm sure it wont be the last time, but I am afraid we are much more boring than people would like.