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posted 21 May 2015, 01:12 by Mark Broomhead
May 2015

Welcoming the black sheep

The fourth issue of Snapshots – stories from the edge is now available to downloadfrom the Research Unit's website.

This edition entitled, Welcoming the black sheep, examines the founding of The Order of the Black Sheep (TOBS) in Chesterfield, Derbyshire and its rock music and heavy metal roots. The church provides a safe haven for those who feel they don’t fit in traditional church or refuse to “dress up” to attend it.

It takes a look at the life of TOBS founder, Mark Broomhead, and what led him to establishing TOBS. Mark describes The Order of the Black Sheep as: “a home for the marginalised, for members of the alternative community who feel a little bit like the black sheep in society… a community of people proud to wear their scars as a sign of God’s grace and healing.”

The booklet describes the wide mixture of people who attend, the style of their community and the way that they worship, making use of DVDs and YouTube clips and drawing on a diverse range of texts, such as Anglican, Celtic, Orthodox and popular culture.

Many thanks for your interest and support.
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