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Psalm 82

posted 14 Jul 2014, 02:17 by Ben@theorderoftheblacksheep.com

The True God stands to preside over the heavenly council.
    He pronounces judgment on the so-called gods.
He asks: “How long will you judge dishonestly
    and be partial to the wicked?”


“Stand up for the poor and the orphan;
    advocate for the rights of the afflicted and those in need.
Deliver the poor and the needy;
    rescue them from their evil oppressors.”

These bullies are ignorant; they have no understanding of My ways.
    So as they walk in darkness,
    the foundations of the earth tremble.

I said, “Though you are gods[b]
    and children of the Most High,
You will die no differently than any mortal;
    you will fall like one of the princes.”

Rise up, O True God; judge the rulers of the earth,
    for all the nations are Yours.