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Psalm 65

posted 22 Nov 2013, 05:20 by Ben@theorderoftheblacksheep.com
All will stand in awe to praise You.
    Praise will sweep through Zion, the Sacred City, O God.
Solemn vows uttered to You will now be performed.
You hear us pray in words and silence;
    all humanity comes into Your presence.
Injustice overwhelms me!
    But You forgive our sins, restoring as only You can.
You invite us near, drawing us
    into Your courts—what an honor and a privilege!
We feast until we’re full on the goodness of Your house,
    Your sacred temple made manifest.

You leave us breathless when Your awesome works answer us by putting everything right.
    God of our liberation—
You are the hope of all creation, from the far corners of the earth
    to distant life-giving oceans.
With immense power, You erected mountains.
    Wrapped in strength, You compelled
Choppy seas,
    crashing waves,
    and crowds of people
To sit in astonished silence.
Those who inhabit the boundaries of the earth are awed by Your signs,
    strong and subtle hints of Your indelible presence.
Even the dawn and dusk respond to You with joy.

You spend time on the good earth,
    watering and nourishing the networks of the living.
God’s river is full of water!
    By preparing the land,
    You have provided us grain for nourishment.
10 You are the gentle equalizer: soaking the furrows,
    smoothing soil’s ridges,
Softening sun-baked earth with generous showers,
    blessing the fruit of the ground.
11 You crown the year with a fruitful harvest;
    the paths are worn down by carts overflowing with unstoppable growth.
12 Barren desert pastures yield fruit;
    craggy hills are now dressed for celebration.
13 Meadows are clothed with frolicking flocks of lambs;
    valleys are covered with a carpet of autumn-harvest grain;
    the land shouts and sings in joyous celebration.