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Psalm 56

posted 8 Dec 2014, 13:29 by Mark Broomhead   [ updated 8 Dec 2014, 13:31 ]
Refrain:In God I trust, and will not fear.

1Have mercy on me, O God, for they trample over me; •
all day long they assault and oppress me.

2My adversaries trample over me all the day long; •
many are they that make proud war against me.

3In the day of my fear I put my trust in you, •
in God whose word I praise.

4In God I trust, and will not fear, •
for what can flesh do to me? R

5All day long they wound me with words; •
their every thought is to do me evil.

6They stir up trouble; they lie in wait; •
marking my steps, they seek my life.

7Shall they escape for all their wickedness? •
In anger, O God, cast the peoples down.

8You have counted up my groaning;
put my tears into your bottle; •
are they not written in your book? R

9Then shall my enemies turn back
on the day when I call upon you; •
this I know, for God is on my side.

10In God whose word I praise,
in the Lord whose word I praise, •
in God I trust and will not fear:
what can flesh do to me?

11To you, O God, will I fulfil my vows; •
to you will I present my offerings of thanks,

12For you will deliver my soul from death
and my feet from falling, •
that I may walk before God in the light of the living.

Refrain:In God I trust, and will not fear.

Faithful God,
your deliverance is nearer than we know;
free us from fear
and help us to find courage in your Word,
Jesus Christ our Lord.