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Psalm 41

posted 14 Apr 2014, 01:25 by Ben@theorderoftheblacksheep.com
Blessed are those who consider the helpless.
    The Eternal will stay near them, leading them to safety in times of bitter struggle.
The Eternal defends them and preserves them,
    and His blessing will find them in the land He gave them.
    He moves ahead to frustrate their enemies’ plans.
When sickness comes, the Eternal is beside them—
    to comfort them on their sickbeds and restore them to health.

And me? I cry out to Him,
    “Heal my soul, O Eternal One, and show mercy
    because I have sinned against You!”
My enemies are talking about me even now:
    “When will death come for him and his name be forgotten?”
As they sit with me under my roof, their well wishes are empty lies.
    They listen to my story
    and then turn it around to tell their own version on the street.
Across the city, crowds whisper lies about me.
    Their hate is strong, and they search for ways to harm me.

Some are saying: “Some vile disease has gotten hold of him.
    The bed he lies in will be his deathbed.”
Even my best friend, my confidant
    who has eaten my bread will stab me in the back.[a]
10 But You, Eternal One, show mercy to me.
    Extend Your gracious hand, and help me up.
    I need to pay them back for what they’ve done to me.

11 I realize now that Your favor has come to me,
    for my enemies have yet to declare victory over me.
12 You know and uphold me—a man of honor.
    You grant me strength and life forever in Your presence.

13 Blessed is the Eternal, the True God of Israel.
    Always and Eternal. Amen and Amen.