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Psalm 20

posted 30 May 2014, 01:40 by Ben@theorderoftheblacksheep.com

May the Eternal’s answer find you, come to rescue you,
    when you desperately cling to the end of your rope.
May the name of the True God of Jacob be your shelter.
May He extend hope and help to you from His holy sanctuary
    and support you from His sacred city of Zion.
May He remember all that you have offered Him;
    may your burnt sacrifices serve as a prelude to His mercy.


May He grant the dreams of your heart
    and see your plans through to the end.
When you win, we will not be silent! We will shout
    and raise high our banners in the great name of our God!
May the Eternal say yes to all your requests.

I don’t fear; I’m confident that help will come to the one anointed by the Eternal:
    heaven will respond to his plea;
    His mighty right hand will win the battle.
Many put their hope in chariots, others in horses,
    but we place our trust in the name of the Eternal One, our True God.
Soon our enemies will collapse and fall, never to return home;
    all the while, we will rise and stand firm.

Eternal One, grant victory to our king!
    Answer our plea for help.