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Psalm 119.105 - 128

posted 26 Jun 2013, 01:33 by Ben@theorderoftheblacksheep.com
Your word is a lamp for my steps;
    it lights the path before me.
106 I have taken an oath and confirmed it:
    I pledge to do what You say is right and just.
107 I have suffered terribly, O Eternal One;
    give me the life You promised.
108 Please accept the words I offer willingly, O Eternal One,
    and instruct me in the ways of Your justice.
109 My soul is continually in danger,
    but I do not forget Your teachings.
110 The wicked have laid a trap for me,
    but I have not drifted away from Your instructions.
111 Your decrees are forever mine,
    for they bring joy to my life.
112 I have committed myself to do what You require
    forever and ever, to the very end.


113 I despise those who waver back and forth,
    but I love Your teachings.
114 You are my hiding place and my shield of protection;
    I hope in Your word.
115 Away from me, reprobates!
    I am committed to observing the commands of my God.
116 Support me in keeping with Your promise, O God, so that I may live;
    do not let my hope turn into shame.
117 Help me so that I will be safe,
    and I will respect Your laws continually.
118 You have rejected all those who stray from Your commands
    because their fraudulent lifestyles are cunning and empty.
119 You have discarded all the wicked from the land, skimmed them off like dross;
    that’s why I love Your testimonies.
120 My body shakes because of my fear of You,
    and I am in awe of Your wise rulings.


121 I have lived with fairness and integrity;
    do not leave me at the mercy of my tormenters.
122 Provide security and protection for Your servant’s welfare;
    do not let the proud oppress me.
123 My eyes are strained as I look for Your salvation
    and for Your righteous promise to be fulfilled.
124 Treat Your servant in a manner that shows Your unfailing love,
    and help me to learn Your decrees.
125 I am Your servant; impart to me understanding
    so that I may fully grasp the depths of Your statutes.
126 It is time for the Eternal to step in and do something
    because some have broken Your law.
127 Indeed, I love Your commands
    more than gold, even more than the highest quality gold.
128 It’s true that I regard all Your guidance to be correct and good;
    I despise every deceptive path.