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Psalm 119.1 - 32

posted 18 Jun 2014, 02:31 by Ben@theorderoftheblacksheep.com


Happy are the people who walk with integrity,
    who live according to the teachings of the Eternal.
Happy are the people who keep His decrees,
    who pursue Him wholeheartedly.
These are people who do nothing wrong;
    they do what it takes to follow His ways.
You have given us Your precepts
    so we would be careful about keeping them.
Oh, that every part of my life would remain in line
    with what You require!
Then I would feel no shame
    when I fix my eyes upon Your commands.
With a pure heart, I will give thanks to You
    when I hear about Your just and fair rulings.
I will live within Your limits;
    do not abandon me completely!


How can a young person remain pure?
    Only by living according to Your word.
10 I have pursued You with my whole heart;
    do not let me stray from Your commands.
11 Deep within me I have hidden Your word
    so that I will never sin against You.
12 You are blessed, O Eternal One;
    instruct me in what You require.
13 My lips have told how
    You have delivered all Your wise rulings.
14 I have celebrated Your testimonies
    as though rejoicing over an immeasurable fortune.
15 I will fix my mind on Your instructions
    and my eyes on Your path.
16 I will find joy in Your ordinances;
    I will remember Your word forever.


17 Treat Your servant well, Lord,
    so that I may live and remain faithful to Your word.
18 Let me see clearly so that I may take in
    the amazing things coming from Your law.
19 I am a sojourner in the world;
    do not keep Your commands hidden from me.
20 My soul aches from craving
    Your wise rulings day and night.
21 You rebuke those who are proud,
    and those who stray from Your commands are cursed.
22 Free me from the contempt and disdain of others
    because I keep Your decrees.
23 Even though powerful princes conspire against me,
    I fix my mind on what You require.
24 Yes, Your testimonies are my joy;
    they are like the friends I seek for counsel.


25 My very being clings to the dust;
    preserve my life, in keeping with Your word.
26 I have admitted my ways are wrong, and You responded;
    now help me learn what You require.
27 Compel me to grasp the way of Your statutes
    so I will fix my mind on Your wonderful works.
28 My soul weeps, and trouble weighs me down;
    give me strength so I can stand according to Your word.
29 Eliminate faithlessness You find in my step,
    be gracious, and give me Your guidance.
30 I have decided to take the path of faith;
    I have focused my eyes on Your regulations.
31 I cling to Your decrees; O Eternal One,
    do not let me face disgrace!
32 I will chase after Your commandments
    because You will expand my understanding.