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Numbers 22.36 - 23.12

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36 When Balak heard that Balaam was coming, he went out to meet him in the Moabite town that was on the banks of the Arnon, right on the boundary of his land.

 37 Balak said to Balaam, "Didn't I send an urgent message for help? Why didn't you come when I called? Do you think I can't pay you enough?"

 38 Balaam said to Balak, "Well, I'm here now. But I can't tell you just anything. I can speak only words that God gives me—no others."

 39-40 Balaam then accompanied Balak to Kiriath Huzoth (Street-Town). Balak slaughtered cattle and sheep for sacrifices and presented them to Balaam and the nobles who were with him.

 41 At daybreak Balak took Balaam up to Bamoth Baal (The Heights of Baal) so that he could get a good view of some of the people.

Numbers 23

 1 Balaam said, "Build me seven altars here, and then prepare seven bulls and seven rams."

 2 Balak did it. Then Balaam and Balak sacrificed a bull and a ram on each of the altars. 3 Balaam instructed Balak: "Stand watch here beside your Whole-Burnt-Offering while I go off by myself. Maybe God will come and meet with me. Whatever he shows or tells me, I'll report to you." Then he went off by himself.

 4 God did meet with Balaam. Balaam said, "I've set up seven altars and offered a bull and a ram on each altar."

 5 Then God gave Balaam a message: "Return to Balak and give him this message."

 6-10 He went back and found him stationed beside his Whole-Burnt-Offering and with him all the nobles of Moab. Then Balaam spoke his message-oracle:

   Balak led me here from Aram,
      the king of Moab all the way from the eastern mountains.
   "Go, curse Jacob for me;
      go, damn Israel."
   How can I curse whom God has not cursed?
      How can I damn whom God has not damned?
   From rock pinnacles I see them,
      from hilltops I survey them:
   Look! a people camping off by themselves,
      thinking themselves outsiders among nations.
   But who could ever count the dust of Jacob
      or take a census of cloud-of-dust Israel?
   I want to die like these right-living people!
      I want an end just like theirs!

 11 Balak said to Balaam, "What's this? I brought you here to curse my enemies, and all you've done is bless them."

 12 Balaam answered, "Don't I have to be careful to say what God gives me to say?"