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Leviticus 24.1 - 9

posted 13 Feb 2014, 01:59 by Ben@theorderoftheblacksheep.com
The Eternal One spoke to Moses.

Eternal One: 2-3 Direct the Israelites to bring you clear oil from pressed olives in order to keep the lamps in the sanctuary outside the veil covering the covenant chest continually burning. Aaron is to make sure the lamps continue to burn in My presence from dusk till dawn. This directive stands for all time throughout your generations. On a regular basis, Aaron and the priests are to tend to the lamps on the pure gold lampstand before Me.

I want you to take the finest flour and bake 12 loaves of bread. Each loaf is to be made of four quarts of flour. Then arrange the 12 loaves into two rows on the pure gold table in My presence. Put six loaves in each row. Place pure frankincense along each row to serve as a memorial portion for the bread, as a fire-offering to Me. Every Sabbath Aaron is to make sure these rows of bread are in order before Me. These loaves, baked and presented by the people of Israel, symbolize the perpetual covenant. They are reserved for Aaron and his sons, but they must be eaten only in a sacred space. These loaves are most holy gifts to Aaron out of all the fire-offerings presented to Me; they are his due for all time.