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Isaiah 62.6 - 10

posted 25 Apr 2012, 06:40 by Ben@theorderoftheblacksheep.com

6-7I've posted watchmen on your walls, Jerusalem. 
   Day and night they keep at it, praying, calling out, 
   reminding God to remember.
They are to give him no peace until he does what he said, 
   until he makes Jerusalem famous as the City of Praise.

 8-9God has taken a solemn oath, 
   an oath he means to keep:
"Never again will I open your grain-filled barns 
   to your enemies to loot and eat.
Never again will foreigners drink the wine 
   that you worked so hard to produce.
No. The farmers who grow the food will eat the food 
   and praise God for it.
And those who make the wine will drink the wine 
   in my holy courtyards."

 10-12Walk out of the gates. Get going! 
   Get the road ready for the people.
Build the highway. Get at it! 
   Clear the debris, 
   hoist high a flag, a signal to all peoples!
Yes! God has broadcast to all the world: 
   "Tell daughter Zion, 'Look! Your Savior comes,
Ready to do what he said he'd do, 
   prepared to complete what he promised.'"
Zion will be called new names: Holy People, God-Redeemed, 
   Sought-Out, City-Not-Forsaken.