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Isaiah 30.19 - end

posted 10 Dec 2013, 02:30 by Ben@theorderoftheblacksheep.com
Oh, people of Zion, citizens of Jerusalem, you will not cry anymore. God hears the sound of your weeping, and He will answer with grace. 20 Even though the Lord has fed you the bitter food of adversity and offered you the water of oppression, your great Teacher will reveal Himself to you; your eyes will see Him. 21 Your ears will hear sweet words behind you: “Go this way. There is your path; this is how you should go” whenever you must decide whether to turn to the right or the left. 22 Then you’ll get rid of all your worthless idols clad in silver and your despicable images plated with gold. You will destroy these idols and discard them as you do filthy rags, saying, “Get out of here.”

23 And then God will see to it that your efforts are fruitful—He’ll give you rain for your seedlings, bread from the earth, grain nourishing and plentiful. On that day your livestock will graze on acre after acre of green pastures. 24 Also if the oxen and donkeys that work that ground for you are well fed with good grain that is carefully winnowed with shovel and fork, then they will be content. 25 When the day arrives and your enemies are slaughtered and the towers come tumbling down, there will be rushing brooks of clear, sweet water running down every high mountain and steep hill. 26 When the time comes and the Eternal One binds up the brokenness of His people and heals what He had bruised, then the light of the moon will shine as brightly as the midday sun, and the sun will shine seven times brighter than normal, as if one day had seven days of sunlight.

27     See now, the name of the Eternal is echoing from far away.
        God is coming with a fury inescapable to set things right again.
    God is coming like fire and smoke;
        His lips, indignation—His tongue, consuming fire.
28     God’s breath barrels down like hurricane rain,
        rising right up to the neck to rattle the nations
    And to subdue all peoples as a horse handler bridles a crazy mare for slaughter.
29     In your newfound freedom, you will sing as if it’s a festival night.
        With lighthearted joy, you will dance your way toward Jerusalem,
    To the Eternal’s mountain, the Rock Israel can trust.
30     Then the Eternal One will make unmistakable His absolute authority
        when all hear His voice, and God’s power will be obvious
    For all to see—God’s anger against the nations—that consuming fire
        like a cloudburst, thunderstorm, and hailstorm all at once.
31     And Assyria
        will cover its ears, terrified at the sound of God’s voice
    When He comes to strike them with His punishing rod.
32     And every wave of the Eternal’s attacks against Assyria
        will be accompanied by a song with tambourines and harps.
    In battle after battle, He lifts his arm and fights against them.
33     After all, long ago, God prepared the place of vindication,
        a funeral pyre for Assyria’s king laid deep and high,
    A large stack of wood just waiting for God’s breath like brimstone to ignite it.