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1 Samuel 2.1 - 10

posted 25 Mar 2014, 02:34 by Ben@theorderoftheblacksheep.com
Then Hannah prayed out of her deepest feelings.

Hannah: My heart rejoices in the Eternal One;
        my strength grows strong in the Eternal.
    My mouth can mock my enemies
        because I celebrate how You have saved me!

    No one is holy like the Eternal One—
        no, no one but You;
        and there is no rock as solid as our True God.
    Stop talking so proudly,
        and don’t let such arrogance flow from your lips,
    For the Eternal One is a True God who knows,
        and He weighs the actions He sees.
    The bows of the mighty crack in two,
        but the feeble are given new strength.
    Those who were full have had to work hard so they can eat,
        but those who were starving have become fat with rich food.
    The one who was infertile has borne seven children,
        while the one who bore many sits alone in sadness.
    The Eternal One kills and brings to life;
        He sends down to the grave and raises up new life.
    The Eternal One makes both poor and rich;
        some He humbles, and others He honors.
    He lifts the poor up out of the dust,
        the needy from the trash heap.
    He raises them to sit with princes
        and seats them on a glorious throne.
    For the pillars of the earth are the Eternal One’s,
        and on them, He has set the world.

    He will watch over the footsteps of the faithful,
        but the wicked will be made silent in the darkness,
        for one does not win by strength alone.
10     The Eternal One will shatter His foes;
        from His throne in heaven, He will thunder with rage.
    The Eternal One will be judge to the ends of the earth;
        He gives strength to His king,
    And power to the one He chooses to rule.