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Mark 12.13 - 17

posted 13 Sept 2013, 03:21 by Ben@theorderoftheblacksheep.com
Then some Pharisees and some of Herod’s supporters banded together to try to entrap Jesus. 14 They came to Him and complimented Him.

Pharisees: Teacher, we know You are truthful in what You say and that You don’t play favorites. You’re not worried about what anyone thinks of You, so You teach with total honesty what God would have us do. So tell us: is it lawful that we Jews should pay taxes to the Roman emperor or not? 15 Should we give or not?

Jesus (seeing through their ruse): Why do you test Me like this? Listen, bring Me a coin[a] so that I can take a look at it.

16 When they had brought it to Him, He asked them another question.

Jesus: Tell Me, whose picture is on this coin? And of whom does this inscription speak?

Pharisees: Caesar, of course.

Jesus: 17 Then give to the emperor what belongs to the emperor. And give to God what belongs to God.

They could not think of anything to say to His response.