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Hebrews 10.1 - 18

posted 2 Apr 2014, 01:51 by Ben@theorderoftheblacksheep.com
We have seen how the law is simply a shadow of the good things to come. Since it is not the perfect form of these ultimate realities, the offering year after year of these imperfect sacrifices cannot bring perfection to those who come forward to worship. If they had served this purpose, wouldn’t the repetition of these sacrifices have become unnecessary? If they had worked—and cleansed the worshipers—then one sacrifice would have taken away their consciousness of sin. But these sacrifices actually remind us that we sin again and again, year after year. In the end, the blood of bulls and of goats is powerless to take away sins. So when Jesus came into the world, He said,

Sacrifices and offerings were not what You wanted,
    but instead a body that You prepared for Me.
Burnt offerings and sin offerings
    were not what pleased You.
Then I said, “See, I have come to do Your will, God,
    as it is inscribed of Me in the scroll of the book.”[a]

Now when it says that God doesn’t want and takes no real pleasure in sacrifices, burnt offerings, and sin offerings (even though the law calls for them), and follows this with “See, I have come to do Your will,”[b] He effectively takes away the first—animal sacrifice—in order to establish the second, more perfect sacrifice. 10 By God’s will, we are made holy through the offering of the body of Jesus the Anointed once and for all time.

11 In the first covenant, every day every officiating priest stands at his post serving, offering over and over those same sacrifices that can never take away sin. 12 But after He stepped up to offer His single sacrifice for sins for all time, He sat down in the position of honor at the right hand of God. 13 Since then, He has been waiting for the day when He rests His feet on His enemies’ backs,[c] as the psalm says. 14 With one perfect offering, Jesus has perfected forever those who are being made holy, 15 as the Holy Spirit keeps testifying to us through the prophet Jeremiah. After he says,

16 “But when those days are over,” says the Eternal One, “I will make
    this kind of covenant with the people of Israel:
I will put My laws in their hearts
    and write them upon their minds,”[d]

then He adds,

17 I will erase their sins and wicked acts out of My memory
    as though they had never existed.[e]

18 When there is forgiveness such as this, there is no longer any need to make an offering for sin.