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1 Timothy 1.18 - 2.end

posted 11 Feb 2014, 01:58 by Ben@theorderoftheblacksheep.com
Timothy, my dear child, I am placing before you a charge for the mission ahead. It is in total agreement with the prophecies once spoken over you. Here it is: with God’s message stirring and directing you, fight the good fight, 19 armed with faith and a good conscience. Some have tried to silence their consciences, wrecking their lives and ruining their faiths. 20 Hymenaeus and Alexander are among these; I have had to hand them over to Satan so they might learn not to speak against God.

So, first and foremost, I urge God’s people to pray. They should make their requests, petitions, and thanksgivings on behalf of all humanity. Teach them to pray for kings (or anyone in high places for that matter) so that we can lead quiet, peaceful lives—reverent, godly, and holy all of which is good and acceptable before the eyes of God our Savior who desires for everyone to be saved and know the truth. Because

There is one God and one Mediator between God and us—
    the man Jesus, God’s Anointed,
Who gave His life as a ransom for all
    so that we might have freedom.

The testimony was given to me at just the right time. This is exactly what I was appointed to do—tell everyone His story—as a herald, an emissary,[b] a teacher of the outsiders in faith and the truth. (Listen, I promise it’s all true. I’m not lying.)

So here’s what you tell them; here’s what I want to see: Men, pray wherever you are. Reach your holy hands to heaven—without rage or conflict—completely open. Women, the same goes for you: dress properly, modestly, and appropriately. Don’t get carried away in grooming your hair or seek beauty in glittering gold, pearls, or expensive clothes. 10 Instead, as is fitting, let good works decorate your true beauty and show that you are a woman who claims reverence for God. 11 It’s best if a woman learns quietly and orderly in complete submission.

12 Now, Timothy, it’s not my habit to allow women to teach in a way that wrenches authority from a man. As I said, it’s best if a woman learns quietly and orderly. 13 This is because Adam was formed first by God, then Eve. 14 Plus, it wasn’t Adam who was tricked; it was she—the woman was the one who was fooled and disobeyed God’s command first. 15 Still, God, in His faithfulness, will deliver her through childbearing as long as she[c] remains in faith and love and holiness with self-restraint.