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Are you a cult?
wow that would sound cool, but we're not. the boring reality is that we are a christian church, part of and accountable to the church of england. we have no interest in manipulating, exploiting or controlling our members. in fact our teaching is for each of us to take responsibility for our own decisions and actions, Exploring the gospel together but standing before our God alone.
Member are free to join and leave as they choose. we do encourage a financial contribution but not the same level as the scouts and other such organisations.
What is the dodgy lettering around your logo?
It says "black sheep" in a repeating ambigram, if you squint a bit. 

What is a personal plan?
It is so easy to drift through life with good intentions but never to engage with them. we believe it is a good thing to consider things in life that could be developed and to revisit them from time to time to see how we have moved on in our journey.
It is not a set of goals to achieve a place in heaven.
It is not a test to be passed or failed.
It is just a way of thinking, something to help us move forward and certainly not imposed by anyone else's view of who you should be.
A tool for freedom not bondage.
What is a community companion?
This is just a name for someone to chat over your plan with. they are not there to set goals or hold you to account when you fail, just a friend to help you to process and think stuff through. We suggest you hook up about 4 times a year to chat but it is up to you.
You are free to end this relationship at any time and it should never be more than a mutually supportive informal relationship.
Any abuse of this relationship will not be tolerated  Again a tool for freedom not bondage.

More to come as your questions become more frequently asked........