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The Order of the Black Sheep is a Christian community based in Chesterfield UK, committed to exploring and living out the gospel together. We come from a variety of backgrounds but we are a part of, and accountable to, The Church of England.

Why the name?
Black sheep were traditionally considered undesirable, their wool of little value, even considered by some as a mark of the devil. We really want the order to be a home for the marginalised, those who feel maybe a bit like the black sheep of society, even the black sheep of the church. 
It is slightly tongue in cheek and we don't want to create a community of people moping about licking their wounds, more a community of people proud to wear their scars as a sign of God's grace and healing.  
We recognise that we are all on a journey and that we always have something to learn from one another. 
Even if you do not share our beliefs we hope you can find a place with us to feel at home, no obligation.

Please have a look around and if you have any questions please ask!

The Gates

This is our home, find it here. The cafe is not currently open for business, however feel free to contact us and pop in if you want a chat and a coffee. You are also welcome to join us in our chapel. Other events and groups will emerge; keep checking here for details.


  • Art Made flesh From last Sundays service - art made flesh
    Posted 23 Jun 2015, 04:13 by Mark Broomhead
  • 3D Specs When I was growing up I remember a time when the BBC ran a load of 3-D TV programs. The Radio Times came with a free pair of blue ...
    Posted 6 Dec 2014, 00:30 by Mark Broomhead
  • Untitled
    Posted 5 Dec 2014, 14:59 by Mark Broomhead
  • Untitled
    Posted 5 Dec 2014, 15:00 by Mark Broomhead
  • Untitled
    Posted 5 Dec 2014, 15:00 by Mark Broomhead
  • Untitled
    Posted 5 Dec 2014, 15:01 by Mark Broomhead
  • Untitled
    Posted 5 Dec 2014, 15:01 by Mark Broomhead
  • Confession - from Darkness to light (Abwoom/Psalm 51) abwoom dbwahmayanethqadash shmakhteytey malkuthakhnehwey tzevyanach aykanna d'bwahmaya aph b'arhahawvlan lachma disunqanan yaomanawashboqlan khaubayn aykana daph khan shbwoqan l'khayyabaynwela tahlan l'nesyuna ...
    Posted 1 Apr 2014, 06:56 by Mark Broomhead
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  • Bloodstock We are providing the welfare for Bloodstock again this year. please be in touch if you would like to volunteer. Full DBS check necessary. 
    Posted 23 Jun 2015, 03:54 by Mark Broomhead
  • Welcome to our new Curate Hilary Moore will be ordained as deacon on 5th July in Ashbourne. She will be serving her curacy based at the OBS while she develops here own pioneering work amongst ...
    Posted 23 Jun 2015, 03:52 by Mark Broomhead
  • Blackbelt we are planning a camp/retreat/festival/family hangout august 28-31st in King Sterndale near Buxton. Prices are £30 per adult £15 per child with a family discount available ...
    Posted 23 Jun 2015, 03:46 by Mark Broomhead
  • Article about the OBS May 2015Welcoming the black sheepThe fourth issue of Snapshots – stories from the edge is now available to downloadfrom the Research Unit's website.This edition entitled, Welcoming ...
    Posted 21 May 2015, 01:12 by Mark Broomhead
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What's happening?

  • Our Heritage Next wednesday (1/7/15) 7:30 at the vicarage will be the second part of our study on the life and teachings of Dietrich Bonhoeffer 
    Posted 23 Jun 2015, 04:09 by Mark Broomhead
  • Sunday Gathering Food this sunday will be texmex/south american
    Posted 23 Jun 2015, 04:03 by Mark Broomhead
  • Blackbelt site visit This wednesday instead of study group we will be going on a blackbelt site visit. if you would like to come please be at the vicarage by 7:30.
    Posted 23 Jun 2015, 04:01 by Mark Broomhead
  • Sunday service and BBQ This week (May 24th) we will have our service at the vicarage followed by a barbecue. Bring some stuff to eat and drink.
    Posted 21 May 2015, 01:32 by Mark Broomhead
  • Christmas - plan B! Revised Christmas plans due to fire:Monday 15th 7:30pm the vicarage SODN Christmas party - bring drinks nibbles and silly games. Wednesday 17th 1pm Breaking Bread communion (downstairs at the ...
    Posted 13 Dec 2014, 01:39 by Mark Broomhead
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